Terms and Conditions

Hummingbird cottages
Gagnon Lake, Duhamel, Québec

5 cottages for rent on an exceptional Domain

Terms & conditions

With your first deposit, you accept:
all our terms and conditions
our related
exchanges and our

telephone conversations.



  • No tent or trailer (other than a boat trailer) on the grounds (municipal by-law with a high fine).
  • A barbecue is available with each cottage and gas is always provided.
  • In high season, 7 nights’ minimum rentals. Arrivals are at 4 pm. Departures are at 11 am, always from Saturday to Saturday.
  • In low season, arrivals and departures are established according to every individual case, hoping to offer you an arrival as early as possible and a departure as late as possible.

Security deposit and taxes

  • During Covid times, we will not charge you a security deposit. This is our way to help you keep your cash flow in these difficult times.
  • Otherwise, a security deposit is generally required. The security deposit will be refunded within 10 working days after your departure according to the terms and conditions.
  • A tax of 3.5% (tourism tax of Quebec) is also added to the rental price. The GST and the QST are included in our prices according to the requirements and procedures of the Government.
  • No animals (no exceptions).
  • It is illegal to wash in the Lake, even with biodegradable products. – subject to fines and loss of your deposit.
  • Each cottage has a maximum amount of people according to the size of each cottage as published on our site. If you receive guests to sleep, an additional charge of $ 25 per night / per person will be required, either deducted from your security deposit or paid via
    Interac e-mail or Square with service charges. Limited day guests. Call us at (613) 799-4321 if you have guests.


  • You are liable for any damage to the items or any other breach of tenancy, missing objects or excessive occupation, etc. Report any damage (breakages) immediately by calling (613) 799-4321 or if you have any questions about the number of guests you would like to have.


  • The first 50% on booking and the second 50%, at least 30 days before your arrival.
  • We accept several payment methods but we recommend Interac email payments. Otherwise, service fees may apply. See under Fees on your cottage page for details.


  • Cancellation 45 days or more before arrival with conditions. An amount of 10% of the total rental amount will be retained for administration purposes and 90% of your payment will be refunded “only if we can rent your cottage to another person for the same dates“. Otherwise, no refund.
  • Cancellation 90 days or more before arrival. An amount of 10% of the total rental amount will be retained for administration purposes and 90% of your payment will be refunded unconditionally.

Respect for all

  • A curfew at 10 pm for the respect of the neighbours. This means that you must reduce the volume of noise, both for music as for voices, screams and loud laughter. Likewise, if you are alone on the estate. The sounds are easily transported on a Lake. This does not mean that you can not stay at the fire pit after 10 pm. On the contrary, you stay if you want… as long as you want… but shush.

Advance booking

  • We accept reservations for the following year at the current price. Our prices are subject to change without notice. Generally, our prices are adjusted on January 1st of each year.


  • Parking is free. But be advised that you are responsible for any damage or theft, etc. For all your vehicles and equipment, boat, trailer, etc. This also applies to all your guests. Parking for cottage 4, the vehicle is left at the large parking area at the entrance to the domain. Do not park on the Sand. Never drive a vehicle on the beach. It is against the law. 

Legal liability

  • By renting one or more of our Hummingbird chalets, you assume all responsibility for accidents or damage to you, your family members and your visitors. We are not responsible for any accidents or damages to persons or vehicles, either on our domain, in the buildings, on the beach and on Gagnon Lake or elsewhere.
  • The use of our equipment is at your own risk. You are responsible for any loss of items, property or cash.
  • You must bring your security vests with you and must have them with you always when you use any watercraft for you and your guests.
  • Each vacationer who brings a nautical boat, as well as your guests with nautical boats, is responsible for having with them (in each boat) all the permits and inspections required by the Municipality of Duhamel or the Government of Quebec and/or of  Canada.


  • An effort is made to ensure that our equipment is in good condition but we do not guarantee the equipment will accessible at all times and it is possible that some items are in repair and therefore not available during your stay.

Repayment (other)

  • Other than our repayment terms relating to your security deposit, any other refund, requests for any reason, must be made by a formal notice to the owners. These procedures are imposed by our Insurance Company. In case the security deposit does not cover our losses, we shall use your credit card to cover such losses. In case of complaints and requests for any refund by us, we will forward your complaint or request to our Insurance Company as a formal notice.  Your request is handled exclusively by them. Contact us for our mailing address.

Other Terms

  • High season – from June 1rst to September 30th and 7 days at Christmas and 7 days at New Year’s Day.
  • Low season – October 1rst to May 31rst.
  • Winter – Cottages 2, 3, 4 and 5 are 3 seasons chalets. Therefore, without running water from October 15th to May 10th. Specifically, 4 of our 5 cottages are available without running water for 171 days per year. Cottage # 1, (Beach House) is available 12 months a year with running water.The amount of the security deposit depends on the number of guests according to the rented chalet. Please contact us at ChaletsGagnon@gmail.com.
  • In high season, we rent for a minimum of 7 nights, always from Saturday to Saturday. We also only rent for 7 nights minimum during Covid time.
  • Payment 50% on booking and balance at least 30 days before arrival.
  • See the FAQ tab for payment methods, cancellations, and refunds.

Payments and fees:

(613) 799-4321

Email Interac ChaletsGagnon@Gmail.com

Credit cards – via SQUARE secured.
Visa, MasterCard, Amex + 4% fee. Call (613) 799-4321

Cheques (2 cheques), 1st at the date of the reservation; the last dated at least 30 days before your arrival. Payable to “Philippe Paquette“, for Canadian citizens.

Citizens from abroad, the whole amount must be made with one check for the full amount, dated 60 days of your booking date. Call us at 1 613 799-4321  or write to us at ChaletsGagnon@Gmail.com to have the correct amount and to acquire our mailing address.

PayPal: + 4% fee. payable to ChaletsGagnon@Gmail.com

Cash accepted. We live in Orléans, (Ottawa), On. Call. We provide receipts.

Security Deposit, refundable about  10 business days after your departure. The amount of the security deposit always depends on the number of tenants and guests according to the rented chalet and our terms and conditions. Find out by contacting us at ChaletsGagnon@Gmail.com


  • In order to ensure a pleasant holiday for all, we ask all our guests to act in a peaceful and pleasant way.
  • Any transgression will result in a partial or total deduction on the amount of your security deposit or without a deposit, an invoice and if necessary a formal notice. Also, a second transgression could lead to your immediate departure without refund, especially if we have complaints from our other vacationers, neighbours or employees. In short, we count on your respect and your full cooperation.
  • PROPANE CYLINDERS (BBQ) should always be available. If you are out of propane, please call Deborah (see on the wall of your cottage). Please DO NOT EXCHANGE the cylinders with the other cottages – REQUEST A FILL-UP from our employees. Again, their number is indicated on the walls.
  • INTERIOR FURNITURE remains inside and OUTDOOR FURNITURE remains outside to prevent mosquito invasion.
  • Also, if you change the location of some furniture, place them back in its original position before you leave.
  • You MUST avoid throwing in the toilets any WET WIPES, FACE CLOTHS AND ANY SANITARY PRODUCTS at all costs: such products will immediately block and break the pump that circulates water to all cottages. Our water system is integrated so one single clog will cut the water to all other cottages.
  • Place your WASTES in the green or black bins at the parking entrance at the road and recycle material must be put in the blue bins. Animals such as raccoons are frequent visitors. Ensure that the lids are tightly closed. The village refuses to empty the recycling bins if the waste is also found in them. Avoid mixing garbage with recycling material.
  • You must have your BOTTLES AND CANS either returned to the convenience store in the village or place them in the blue recycling bins.
  • EXTERIOR DOORS should be kept closed always to prevent mosquitoes, field mice, ducks, or others from small animals invading the cottage.
  • CAMPFIRE is only permitted in the designated area on the beach. (Exception, cottage no. 3 in the basket fireplace outside). You can bring your wood or order some. It will be delivered. See the instructions and price on the posters on our walls.
  • Out of respect for our other customers, please observe the CURFEW at 10 pm. You can continue your activities including staying at the fire pit or continue swimming with caution, but it is essential that the noise level is minimal.
  • SMOKING is NOT allowed inside the cottages and NO CIGARETTE BUTTS should be thrown anywhere other than in an ashtray or in the fire pit. No butts on the ground or grass, please.
  • FOOD PARTICLES attract mosquitoes. No crumbs of food should drag on the floor in the cottage. Vacuum or sweep as often as necessary.
  • Do not feed the ducks, deer or any other animals at any time. It makes them sick.
  • All dishes must be washed and stored, the dishwasher emptied, windows closed and doors locked WHEN YOU LEAVE.
  • The cottage key must always remain on the premises. Never leave with the key, even for a few hours. At departure, ensure that the key is placed back in the key box. Remember your code. No one else has your code. Never leave with the key.
  • CLEANING persons may be available at your expense. Look at the contact numbers indicated in your cottage. (These services are not always available).
  • Please note that the owners or their employees reserve the right to come on the premises at any time to ensure compliance with these rules or for any other valid reasons.

Thanks for trusting us and have a wonderful holiday.



Philippe Paquette



(613) 799-4321



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